Curriculum Vitae Donald Richardson

Academic Qualifications
1956 tertiary diplomas in Art (majors painting and print-making) and Art Teaching, University of Tasmania and Hobart Technical College
1965 Bachelor of Arts (majors philosophy and psychology. Sir Philip Fysh Prize for Psychology II), University of Tasmania
Honours and masters/doctorate studies in fine arts, Melbourne University (1966-67), Flinders University (1980 and 1985-88) and University of South Australia (2000-2002), but no higher degree completed

Curriculum Vitae
1956-65 taught art and design in Tasmanian high schools, technical colleges and the University of Tasmania (School of Education)
1966-68 lecturer in drawing, communications studies and art/design history, Gordon Institute of Technology, Geelong (now Deakin University)
1968-87 Superintendent of Education (Visual Arts) Education Department of SA
1988-98 part-time contract lectureships/tutorships in history and theory of art/design and art education, University of SA (Education and Architecture Faculties and SA School of Art)
1996-2004 appointed to the Board of Management of the Hahndorf Academy Inc.
Honorary Secretary of the Board 1999-2002.; Acting Director of Hahndorf Academy March 2002

Private and TAFE art classes 1998-2002

In the field of theory of curriculum in art, craft and design, my research was embodied in the Education Department of SA's influential 1984 curriculum document, Art, Craft and Design in Schools - a Curriculum Framework, R-12, and has resulted in several articles published in journals
(eg The Journal of the Institute of Art Education, Australian Art Education, Media Australia, CAS Broadsheet, Art Monthly Australia and The Journal of Aesthetic Education).

Three papers presented at the 30th World Congress of the International Society for Education Through Art, Brisbane Convention Centre, October, 1999:
'Is Graffiti Art?'
'The Senate Committee's Report'
'The Failure of Art Education'

In the field of art and design theory, publications include many letters in Art Monthly Australia.
(+See below for recent publications).

My current major research field - the art and design of war memorials in Australia - has yielded self-published pamphlets on two memorials and two sculptors, copies of which have been deposited in the National and State Libraries and distributed to other interested institutions.
The final result will be a major publication. (+See beClow for articles published.)
This research was part-funded by a grant from the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Painting and sculpture 1960s-1980s after one person shows in Adelaide in 1966 (Lombard Galleries) and 1967 (White Studio Gallery)
Sculpture shown Aptoz Cruz, Stirling, December, 1997
One-person exhibition of sculpture, Art Images, Norwood, March-April, 1999
One-person exhibition of pictures and sculptures, Hahndorf Academy, July-September, 1999
Participation in 'The Artists' Walk', Hahndorf Heysen Week Festival, 1998 and 1999
Site-specific sculpture and one-person show of sculptures in Mildura Art Centre's 'Palimpsest #3 2000' sculpture event, March, 2000. Yellow Palm erected in grounds of Main Street Editions, Hahndorf, 2000-2002
Participation in 'Homage to Nature', The Cedars, Hahndorf, March, 2000 - 2004
One-person exhibition of 'Claytons Photographs', Hahndorf Academy, July, 2002
One-person exhibition in Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, March, 2006
One-person exhibition in the Hahndorf Academy, May, 2006

Recent group exhibitions include
July, 1995, Kensington Galleries, Adelaide
April, 1998-2006 (Adelaide Festivals of Arts), 'The Artist's Voice', Hahndorf Academy
May, 1998, Mount Barker Heritage Week exhibition
November, 1998, SA Country Arts Trust, Kapunda Gallery
February, 1999, 'The Artist's Voice', Hahndorf Academy (reviewed The Advertiser 1/4/'99)
May, 1999, Mount Barker Heritage Week exhibition
October, 1999, two works hung in Heysen Prize, Hahndorf Academy
November, 2000, selected for the Fleurieu Prize, McLaren Vale, SA, and for travelling
2000-2006, various works in continuing 'The Artist's Voice' exhibitions, Hahndorf Academy
October, 2002, two works hung in Heysen Prize, Hahndorf Academy
September-October, 2002, three works hung in Port Pirie Art Prize
September-October, 2002, two works hung in Whyalla Art Prize
October-December, 2002, 13 sculptures in 'Viz Biz', Adelaide Festival Centre
2004-2006 sculptures in Solander Gallery, Canberra

Works in collections - Art Bank and private collections Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth

Other practice
Joint judge of the Heysen Prize, Hahndorf Academy, 1997 and 1998
Joint judge of the Port Pirie Prize, 1999
Joint judge of Dragan Miljanovic Prize, Roland Rees Gallery, Summertown, 2004
Judge of Victor Harbor Art Prize, January, 2006

1999 self-published design (and rationale) for The Reconciliation Flag.
2001 designed and managed the printing of a series of postcards of Hans Heysen pictures for the Hahndorf Academy

2000 designed gateway for 'Pioneer Women's Trail', Hahndorf
2000 created an arts notice-board for the Hahndorf Academy (steel; council commission)
Public art projects, Mount Barker 2002-2003:
Mosaic-tile decoration of rubbish-bins for skate-park (with school children)
Mosaic-tile mural on skate-park (with school children)
Design for two fountains, Keith Stephenson Park

Member public art group, District Council of Mount Barker, 2002-2005
Member District Heritage Advisory Committee, DC of Mount Barker, 2001-2003

July, 2002 - Painting expedition to the Simpson Desert

Introducing Art Longman Cheshire, Melbourne, 1983/1990 Art in Australia Longman Cheshire, Melbourne, 1988 Art and Design in Australia Longman, Melbourne, 1995 Teaching Art, Craft and Design Longman, Melbourne, 1992
Self-published (1998-2000) booklets on The National War Memorial (Adelaide), The Mount Barker War Memorial and Julius Henschke (Barossa Valley Carver)

Articles etc (recent)
'The National War Memorial, Adelaide', The Advertiser, 25 April, 1998
'Art Cologne and Aboriginal "Art"', The Adelaide Review, December, 1998
'The Concept Art', Australian Art Education, 31, 3; 1998/1999
'Web Gilbert's War Sculpture', Victorian History Journal , 70, 1; June, 1999
Opening address Kensington Gallery, Adelaide, SA Living Artists Week, July, 1999
'William Lucas Versus the Government', Victorian History Journal, 70, 1; June, 1999
'Managing Change: Aboriginal "Art"' commissioned for Museums Australia, but not
published (September, 1999).
'Ditching the Kitsch', Frontier, 8; December, 1999

Three papers presented to International Society for Education Through Arts World Congress, Brisbane, September, 1999, in CD ROM of proceedings (Institute of Art Education, 2000)
'Some Forgotten Sculptors', paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Art Association conference, Brisbane, December 2000
'Evaluation in Visual Art', Primary Art, 1,1, nd (2000)
'Bertram Mackennal's War Sculptures in Australia', on (2000)
'The Sydney Cenoptaph', on (2001)
'So -What is Art?', The Age, 18 January, 2003
'What about Design?', Quadrant, April, 2003
'The Australia Council and Design: a Serious Lacuna', Overland, 172; Spring, 2003
'Henschke, Albert Julius (1888-1955), Australian Dictionary of Biography (2005) entry
'An Argument for Resale Royalty', Art Monthly Australia, October, 2004
'What Art Is', Artdate #69, April/May, 2005
'Meaning Through Making', Artdate, #70, April/May, 2005
'Good News for Artists?', The New Matilda, 16/3/2005
'Art in a Market Economy' and The "Real-politik" of Selling Visual Art', The New Matilda, 4/5/2005
'That Portraiture is not "art"', Kalori, August, 2006

November, 2005 - commenced writing on art for The Adelaide Review