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Art Theory
Alberti:  Calling his Bluff*
On Warhol and Duchamp
The concept 'Art'
Prologue for a Taxonomy of the Arts
On Berger's Ways of Seeing
Sacks and 'Jonathon I'
Graffiti: the Problem and the Solution
Our Cargo-Cult Culture
Art, Morality and Pornography
When does Art Become Pornography?
That Portraiture is Not Art
Animation and what Happened to 
The Value of the Arts
On Beauty
The Computer Can't Make Art: Art and 'Technology'
The 'Creative Economy' and Culture

On Aboriginal Art
Managing Change: Aboriginal Art
Critque of Minyma Tjutaku
The Dilemma of Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal Art and Susan McCulloch
The Problem of Aboriginal Art

Art and Politics
Art and Money
The Unpopular Arts in Australia
The Senate Committee Report
Sedition and Art
Culture Policy
Art in a Market Economy
The Australian Council and Design
The Creative Economy, Art and Design
Professional Status and Remuneraion
of Artists in the 'Arts Industry'
The 'REALPOLITIK' of Selling Visual Art
Art in a Market Economy: THE ARTS 'INDUSTRY' 

Art Education
What Children Learn from Art
Assessment and Reporting in Visual Art

Art Criticism
Art Love and War
Canova's Italian Venus
Two Circes

National Anthem Up-date
The Mahommad Cartoons
The Reconciliation Flag
Fibonacci Fibbing

Visual Art
Works of Visual Art 1
Works of Visual Art 2
Works of Visual Art 3
Works of Visual Art 4

Book Review
The Origin of Art
The Rape of the Masters

Curriculum Vitae



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